Politics in Marchion

The ruling authority in Marchion is the Council. The Council has twelve members, in addition to the mayor. Four representatives are elected by the merchants, four by the temples, two by the mages, and two by popular election. The mayor, who is responsible for day-to-day affairs, is elected by the Council from among its members and then his vacated position is filled by a new election.

The mayor is in charge of the March, the city’s combined army and police force. The March is primarily concerned with defense against external enemies, rather than with law enforcement, and crimes less serious than murder are not usually investigated by the authorities. The March, however, attempts to prevent any crimes it happens upon.

The mayor is the chief magistrate, and has three assistants. The magistrate general, can hear any sort of case, and his authority is second only to the mayor’s. The magistrate mercantile can only hear cases dealing with trade: fraud, robbery, breach of contract, and so on. The magistrate domestic hears cases concerned with the internal workings of the city, such as property disputes and complaints about the administration of government services.

Dernavel Crakdfang

Clerical Representatives:
Thurstan Brightstone (Mercer)
Ardan Highknot (Herath)
Simon Phrantzes (Plianna)
Deberiel Semaleth (Merianath Thousand-Eyes)

Sephrandis Lellbereth
Cecilia Redfern

Mercantile Representatives:
Francis Cammerer
Richard Whitburn
Ïollarëas Semprenielle
Eirik Stonehammer

Popular Representatives:
Elizabeth Dawngold
Kalliantis Mekrarvint

March Captain:
Liv Greataxe

Pelliarel Findoälath (General)
Samuel Lornen (Domestic)
Margaret Palmer (Mercantile)

Politics in Marchion

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